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Final Exam Regulation

for FSDF e-Campus Certification E-learning Courses (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gGmbH –hereinafter referred to as “Frankfurt School”)

§ 1     Objective of the FSDF e-Campus examination

To evaluate knowledge in the respective course subject, a written final examination will be conducted at the end of each certification course.

§ 2     Admission requirements for the final examination

  1. Participants wishing to be certified by  Frankfurt School must take the final examination at the end of the course period.
  2. The FSDF e-Campus certification e-learning courses consist of several units whereby most units end with an online test. Only those participants who successfully pass each of  online test will be eligible for the final examination. For  participation it is mandatory to achieve a grade of at least 50%  in each respective online test. Each online test can be retaken up to two (2) times.
  3. Beside the online tests, participants must  pass all mandatory assignments or exercises (passing grade being 50%) of the certification course to be eligible for the final exam.
  4. If for some reason a participant cannot take the final examination right after the end of the course period, the participant is able to  take it within one (1) year. Conditions on retaking the examination are defined in § 12.

§ 3       Technical Requirements

The following technical requirements are necessary for taking the final exam:

1. Laptop or Desktop PC with one of the following operating systems:

  • Mac OS X 10.15 "Catalina"
  • Mac OS X 10.14 "Mojave"
  • Mac OS X 10.13 "High Sierra"
  • Mac OS X 10.12 "Sierra"
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7 

2. Webcam for proctoring

3. Microphone for proctoring

4. Stable internet connection for downloading the final examination app and  the examination and for synchronization after completing the final examination

5. Stable and reliable power supply

§ 4     Date and location of the final examination

  1. The final examination will be conducted online.
  2. Frankfurt School will offer one date of final examination per course period.
  3. The exact date of the final examination will be announced in due time, during the course period.

§ 5     Registration for the final examination

  1. Registration for the final examination is automatic for those students who meet all the admission requirements for the final exam. For more information on the eligibility requirements, see section § 2.
  2. The Frankfurt School will inform eligible participants via email upon verification of the admission requirements and completion of the course period. This email will be considered as the registration confirmation of each participant. 
  3. Upon receipt of Frankfurt School confirmation email, eligible participants should follow all the guidelines and recommendations described in the Final Exam Information unit of the course.
  4. Participants who fail to meet the admission requirements will be unable to take the final exam. 

§ 6     Costs of the final examination

  1. The final exam fee for the first examination attempt is included in the course tuition fee. For every further final exam attempt, Frankfurt School will charge the participant a final exam fee of EUR 50*. This final exam fee has to be paid to Frankfurt School before the examination day.
  2. After passing the final exam, participants will receive a digital certificate.

§ 7     Content and carrying out of the final examination

  1. Every candidate who wants to be certified by Frankfurt School must pass the online final examination.
  2. The comprehensive final examination incorporates questions related to the content of most or all compulsory units.
  3. The final examination can only be taken on the dates scheduled by Frankfurt School.
  4. Participants will be given 2 hours to complete the final exam. Should they for some reason  be unable to complete the exam within this time frame, no extra time will be granted.
  5. The final examination is considered successfully passed when candidates achieve at least 50% of the total examination points.
  6. Candidates who fail the final examination, can retake it up to two additional times in order to get the Frankfurt School certificate. Conditions on the retake of the final examination are defined at § 12.

§ 8     Identification of candidate

Each examination candidate has to identify him/herself with a valid official photo ID document in front of the webcam before starting the final exam.

§ 9       Examination grading scheme

Performance in % ECTS Grade
greater or equal 95% A - Excellent
93,5% to below 95% A - Excellent
92% to below 93,5% A - Excellent
90,5% to below 92% A - Excellent
89% to below 90,5% B - Very Good
87,5% to below 89% B - Very Good
86% to below 87,5% B - Very Good
84,5% to below 86% B - Very Good
83% to below 84,5% B - Very Good
81,5% to below 83% B - Very Good
80% to below 81,5% B - Very Good
78,5% to below 80% C - Good
77% to below 78,5% C - Good
75,5% to below 77% C - Good
74% to below 75,5% C - Good
72,5% to below 74% C - Good
71% to below 72,5% C - Good
69,5% to below 71% C - Good
68% to below 69,5% D - Satisfactory
66,5% to below 68% D - Satisfactory
65% to below 66,5% D - Satisfactory
63,5% to below 65% D - Satisfactory
62% to below 63,5% D - Satisfactory
60,5% to below 62% D - Satisfactory
59% to below 60,5% D - Satisfactory
57,5% to below 59% E - Sufficient
56% to below 57,5% E - Sufficient
54,5% to below 56% E - Sufficient
53% to below 54,5% E - Sufficient
51,5% to below 53% E - Sufficient
50% to below 51,5% E - Sufficient
below 50% F - Failed

§ 10   Appraisal and announcement of examination results

Frankfurt School is responsible for grading the examinations. Examination candidates will be informed of the results within six (6) weeks of completing the examination. Frankfurt School shall have the sole right to examine and to interpret the examination; the examiners and the examination board have full discretionary powers.

§ 11   Possibility of withdrawal from examination

  1. The examination candidate may withdraw without stating any reasons. This is to be communicated at least two (2) weeks prior to the examination. The examination registration will in such case not be counted as an attempt.
  2. Two (2) weeks or less prior to the examination the candidate can only withdraw with a statement of just cause (e.g. illness). Frankfurt School will decide if the statement qualifies as a just cause, in which case the examination registration will not be counted as an attempt.
  3. If the candidate withdraws from examination within two (2) weeks prior to the examination without any justified cause, the examination is considered as a failed attempt.
  4. If the candidate does not attend the final examination without prior notification, the candidate will not be able to take the final examination again. In consequence, this candidate will not be able to obtain a Frankfurt School certification or a confirmation of course completion

§ 12   Retake of the examination

  1. Candidates who fail the final examination, can retake it up to two times
  2. Candidates who do not fail the final examination are not allowed to retake it.
  3. The date of retake has to be completed within one (1) year.
  4. The entire examination must be retaken.
  5. Frankfurt School decides on modalities of examination retake. The candidate is not allowed to make claims concerning examination modality, examiner, or the content.
  6. Frankfurt School will charge the candidate a final exam fee of EUR 50* for every time the candidate retakes the final exam.

§ 13   Review of examination

The review of marked final exams is possible within four (4) weeks after announcement of the results upon written request. Candidates are not allowed to photograph, write down, or make any other form of copy of the examination, answers, questions, examiner comments, and/ or the results.

§ 14    Plagiarism, cheating and breach of regulations

  1. The proctoring of the final examination is performed digitally.
  2. Should an examinee cheat, attempt to cheat, or breach the regulations, Frankfurt School will reserve the right to declare the examination or parts of it invalid.  
  3. Frankfurt School can declare the examination as failed if any acts of cheating are detected within one year.
  4. Cheating may exempt the examinee from repeating the final exam as well as receiving a certificate.

§ 15 Special cases

  1. Candidates will have 2 hours to complete the final exam. Should the examination be interrupted (e.g. by a power cut or by accidental closure), the participant will need support to be able to resume the examination.
  2. Examinations that cannot be graded due to force majeure and/ or due to causes Frankfurt School cannot be held responsible for (e.g. lost, damage) are to be retaken.

§ 16    Frankfurt School Certificate

After successfully passing the final examination the candidate will receive a digital certificate proving his/her expertise in the respective course subject.

*subject to change

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