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Advanced Management Programme

Become a global changemaker for your organization


Overview and Value

In a rapidly changing world, the demands placed on senior executives are constantly increasing. Continuous learning has become crucial for individuals across the board. The AMP equips you with the must-have knowledge, skills and competencies to lead strategy, people and yourself with foresight, confidence, and responsibility into the future. Benefit from successful and experienced speakers, be inspired by other leaders, meet your peers, broaden your network and take the next step to become a global change-maker and lead the transformation of your organization and industry.

Shape the Future

Unlock Your Potential and Lead the Future:
The Advanced Management Programme (AMP) is an accelerated learning and networking journey designed to provide senior leaders with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate and lead in an ever-changing business landscape.

Comprehensive Learning Experience:
Engage in workshops, simulations, and discussions tailored to real-world challenges.

Strategic Insights:
Understand and apply strategic innovations and data-driven performance management.

Sustainability Focus:
Lead sustainable transformations within your organisation.

Expert Faculty and Practitioners:
Learn from renowned faculty members and seasoned industry practitioners.

Inspiration from Top Leaders:
Gain insights and inspiration from leaders across various industries.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities:
Connect with like-minded leaders and expand your professional network.

Personal and Professional Growth:
Reflect on your leadership style, receive peer coaching, and develop strategies for impactful leadership.

Enhance your credentials with the prestigious AMP certificate.

Programme Content

The programme consists of two modules, each four days on location on our modern campus in Frankfurt. In addition, there are online leadership sessions, individual coaching and community networking that complement the modules.

Module 1: Navigating the Business Transformation

Learn from the best and meet inspiring business leaders, experienced Frankfurt School faculty members, start-ups. And engage in exchange with your peers to build lasting networks.

Day 1: Focus on Strategy and Innovation

  • Introduction to the programme and your peers with Lego Serious Play  (Matthias Renner)
  • Strategy and Organisational Innovation (Prof. Ansgar Richter)
    • Leading & managing business
    • Strategic innovation
    • How organizations can evolve
    • Strategic alignment
  • Achieving strategic goals and data-based performance management (Prof. Matthias Mahlendorf)
  • Welcome Dinner with Keynote

Day 2: Leading the Sustainable Business Transformation

  • Navigating sustainability and sustainable finance leadership (Karsten Löffler & Sebastian Rink)
  • Collaborating for Sustainability (Melissa Ott, Futury GmbH)
    • From new business models to new innovators and new mindsets
    • Start-up best practices
  • Keynote on trends and challenges in navigating sustainability (NN, to come)
  • Panel with all lecturers of the day and Keynote speaker

Day 3 & 4: Get Strategy into Action

  • Leadership Business Simulation (Dirk Fröhlich / Matthias Rosenstock, Simdustry)
  • Engage in dynamic business simulation and assume the role of board members entrusted with steering your company to success.
  • Get invaluable insights into strategic decision-making, empowering you to adapt and refine strategies and leadership.

Module 2: Leading myself and others in transformative Times

Learn from the best and meet inspiring business leaders, experienced Frankfurt School faculty members and experts from Egon Zehnder and deepen your network with your peers.

Day 1: Focus on Leading Performance

  • Transformative Leadership and Rebelship (Prof. Claus Rerup)
  • Changing Cultures. Power and politics in organizations. Fall from Grace (Prof. Claus Rerup)
  • Surviving the scare and crisis leadership (Prof. Roland Koch)
    • Leadership in crisis has several components. The mental stamina of leaders is based on adequate organizational preparation, rapid assumption of control when the crisis erupts, and convincing leadership behavior toward all stakeholders. Some parts are models that have been tested in many crises and whose implementation must be enforced. But there remains the part of one's own mental preparation for the demands on the precision of decisions and the prudence of communication.
  • Expert Talk and Meet & Greet Dinner with Prof. Roland Koch

Day 2: Key Factors of Successful Executives

  • CEO Succession (Dr. Kati Najipoor-Smith, Egon Zehnder)
  • Changing Role of HR (Dr. Lea Bolz, Egon Zehnder)
    • Successful companies constantly prove their relevance to customers, to stakeholders inside and outside the organization, and to society in general. What role does the HR function, and especially the HR management, play? In the past, the answer would have focused on the effective management of human resources. In a volatile world, the requirements for companies, employees and HR functions are constantly changing, which means that the self-image and role of HR must also continue to evolve in order to remain relevant and effective.
  • My Leadership Challenge (Dr. Alin Adomeit)
    • Breakout session for your personal leadership challenge reflected by peer coaching and coaching.
  • My Presence (Julia Schmitz, Logo Institute)
    • Workshop on your personal presence with professional speaker support.

Day 3: Workshop on Leadership and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Full day workshop on the impact of AI (Prof. Bernd Wallraff, CBS)

Discover the fundamentals of AI and its future impact. Learn about the core functionalities, limitations, and practical applications of AI, including generative AI like ChatGPT. Explore the legal and ethical considerations, gain hands-on experience, and understand how to scale AI effectively in your field.

  • AMP Alumni dinner with former AMP participants
  • Keynote and Meet & Greet with Eric Reutemann, MD Frankfurt Galaxy, his head coach and quarterback

Day 4: Empowering Effective Leadership

  • Understanding people’s minds and changing people’s minds (Prof. Selin Atalay)
  • My Leadership Challenge (Dr. Alin Adomeit)
    • Breakout session for your personal leadership challenge reflected by peer coaching and coaching.
  • Learning journey reflection

Online Modules

Leadership challenges: Share your personal leadership challenge and receive valuable input from your peers through peer coaching and individual coaching sessions.

Learn from inspiring leaders.

Community and networking

Community events: continue the conversation beyond the classroom in the evening.

Connect with former AMP participants.

Join the AMP Alumni network

Our experts for the Advanced Management Programme:

Module 1

Karsten Löffler
Co-Lead Global Shield Solutions Platform, Frankfurt School

Prof. Dr. Matthias Mahlendorf
Professor of Managerial Accounting, Frankfurt School

Melissa Ott
Managing Director, Futury GmbH

Matthias Renner
Trainer Lego Serious Play, Brickolution

Prof. Dr. Ansgar Richter
Vice President Academic Affairs, Professor of Corporate Strategy, Organisation, and Governance, Frankfurt School

Sebastian Rink
Green and Sustainable Finance Expert, Frankfurt School

Matthias Rosenstock
Trainer, Simdustry GmbH

Prof. Dr. Nils Stieglitz
President and CEO, Frankfurt School

Prof. Dr. Jens Weidmann
Professor of Practice in Central Banking, Frankfurt School

Module 2

Dr. Alin Adomeit
Executive Trainer and Consultant

Prof. Dr. Selin Atalay
Professor of Marketing, Head of Management Department, Frankfurt School

Dr. Lea Bolz
Head of HR Practice Group, Egon Zehnder Germany

Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Roland Koch
Professor of Management Practice in Regulated Environments, Frankfurt School

Prof. Dr. Christian Landau
Vice President Degree Programmes, Frankfurt School

Dr. Kati Najipoor-Smith
Executive, Egon Zehnder Germany

Prof. Dr. Claus Rerup
Professor of Management, Frankfurt School

Eric Reutemann
Managing Director, Frankfurt Galaxy

Julia Schmitz
Professional Speaker, Owner Logo Institut

Prof. Dr. Bernd Wallraff
Professor of Business Psychology, CBS International Business School

Financial Times Executive Education Ranking 2022

Key Facts

Target group:

C-Suite, Managing Directors, Partners, Entrepreneurs, General Managers, Senior Executives. The AMP is ideal for experienced leaders in senior executive and management roles with domestic, international or global responsibilities. A typical participant would have more than 15 years of work experience, with at least 5 to 10 years at a senior leadership or management level.

While the Advanced Management Programme does not require any specific prior educational or academic qualification, it also serves as an excellent refresher to an earlier MBA or Executive MBA degree and constitutes a well-suited complement to more functionally-oriented Executive Education Programmes.


Module 1

4 days on campus


9.00-17.30h each

Online Sessions

2 hours in the evening



29.09.2025 (reflection and peer coaching)

Module 2 

4 days on campus


9.00-17.30h each

Networking sessions (online) with the group and other AMP Alumni 

Timing will be discussed with the group.


The programme is held in English.


Total fee EUR 12,950 (Including: programme as described above, global leadership series, networking events and activities, lunches and coffee breaks, graduation ceremony, excluding: accommodation and travel expenses).