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Advanced Management Programme

Building future business and becoming a global executive

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Creating Sustainable Value

In a world that is rapidly changing, the demands placed on senior executives are constantly increasing. Continuous learning has become crucial for individuals across the board, with a particular emphasis on strategic planning, effective execution, and the responsibility of answering to stakeholders and shareholders. Advanced Management Programme at Frankfurt School equips you with the must-have knowledge, skills and competencies to lead individuals and strategy and people with foresight, confidence and responsibility into the future.

Are you an impactful leader who aspires to become a global change maker and lead the transformation of your organisation and industry? Join the AMP to reinvent yourself, broaden your network, and take the next step in your career. Understand the geopolitical, economic, social and environmental forces that are affecting businesses in the 21st century. Amplify your capabilities to think strategically and drive performance. Reassess and refresh yourself as a leader as well as your impact on your organisation.


The Advanced Management Programme consists of 8 days, organised in 2 modules. In addition, there are 5 short online sessions that frame and complement the modules. Benefit from successful and experienced speakers and take your chance to participate in a lively discussion during these sessions.


18.10.24., 12:00 - 13:30 (online)

Preparention Modul 1

Content for preparation of module 1 will be online one month before module 1, Deadline: 18.10.24

Modul 1

10.11. - 23.11.24

Online Session 1 

11.12.24, 18:00 - 20:00

Online Session 2

16.01.15, 18:00 - 20:00

Online Session 3 

20.02.25, 18:00 - 20:00

Module 2 

05.03. - 08.03.25


Will be discussed with the group; 1,5 h (online)

Preparation and reflection

Before and after each module and session; approx. 2-3 h

Meet the Faculty

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"Purposeful communication is a relevant strategic tool for all leaders. In my course we approach communication holistically and understand it’s strategic value for leaders. Persuasive communication skills not only fire up employees and lead them to get work done, but also improve the capacity of leaders to negotiate effectively with stakeholders. " 

Prof. Dr. Selin Atalay, Professor for Marketing, FS

"In my session, we will talk about how to design the roadmap for your organization’s digital transformation." 

Prof. Dr. Daniel Beimborn, Professor for Business Informatics, Universität Bamberg

"I observe that optimizing organization design to improve group decisions is an untapped source of value in most companies. In my lecture I focus on good versus bad decisions and I provide tools to make “good decisions”. And I would further emphasize that it is an exciting topic of increasing importance as AIs and humans jointly adapt to each other.

Prof. Dr. Thorbjørn Knudsen, Professor for Strategic Organisation, FS

"Managers face multiple dependencies on external influences, especially ever new regulatory requirements. In my lecture we will focus on these dependencies and discuss strategies to cope with them. During the lecture I would like to make experiences in the management of the interfaces of politics, society and economy tangible with practical examples and enable a look into the toolboxes of the actors. As a participant you will benefit from the combination of strategic concepts and practically experienced examples, especially in crisis management."

Prof. Dr. hc. mult. Roland Koch, Professor of Management Practice in Regulated Environments, FS

"Many of our Frankfurt School alumni have reached important positions in top management. For them (and not only for them!), our carefully crafted continuing education program - compact, focused, perceptive - is the perfect platform for them to discover many new facets of the timeless and current topics that are essential for every leader today and tomorrow."                   

 Dr. Markus Mädler, Senior Lecturer, FS

"My lecture aims at inspiring leaders to introduce state-of-the-art performance measurement and strategy execution. We will explore innovative best practices to capture sustainable performance and to convey purpose throughout the organization and beyond."

Prof. Dr. Matthias Mahlendorf, Professor of Managerial Accounting, FS

"Today's executives and decision-makers have to deal with a flood of different and fast-moving information. While it is difficult to assess which information is valid, it is crucial for effective decision making. Leaders are able to navigate a tangle of disparate information. And are strive to share only valid information, even when it conflicts with their own motives and goals." 

Prof. Dr. Claus Rerup, Vice President Academic Affairs, FS

"In my lecture I focus on how to use finance to create value, and how this value creation is affected by ESG issues. With my lecture I like to convey that any good strategy needs to be translated into sound financial decisions. My aim of the lecture of the AMP programme is to be accessible also to managers that so far had little to do with corporate finance. Participants in my lecture will benefit from getting a hands-on knowledge in corporate finance and ESG. "

Prof. Dr. Zacharias Sautner, Professor of Finance, FS

"In my session, we will explore how executives can best deal with innovation projects that are loaded with strong uncertainties. We will discuss how to value and manage experimentation, and how to evaluate the success of a firm’s innovation endeavors."

Prof. Dr. Jochen Schlapp, Associate Professor of Operations and Technology Management, FS

"Many companies claim to be customer-centric, but few truly are. During the AMP we will focus on understanding how creating value for and from customers are complements and not opposites and how this is key to successful customer-centric management."

Prof. Dr. Christian Schulze, Associate Professor of Marketing, FS

"In my lecture I focus on key aspects of good governance. With my lecture I like to convey better corporate behavior. Participants in my lecture will benefit from the correct approach to an important topic. "

Prof. Christian Strenger, Center for Corporate Governance, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

Your Advantages

  • Connect with renowned faculty and experienced practitioners.
  • Inspire and be inspired by other leaders across industry boundaries.
  • Reflect on the major challenges for yourself, your organisation, and your business.
  • Learn about the latest research insights and best practices from our top experts.
  • Transform yourself from impactful leader to global change maker.
  • Be creative: every module offers a short session on creative practices for a unique learning experience in different settings.

AMP Scholarship

Frankfurt School awards partial scholarships on tution fees to candidates of our Advanced Management Programme. 

Please note that we grant scholarships on an ongoing basis, therefore we recommend that you apply early. Your scholarship application can only be considered if the online form is completed within the online application process.

Programme Content

The Frankfurt School Advanced Management Programme is an accelerated learning journey for the senior leaders who want to shape tomorrow. The programme consists of four compact modules on our campus in Frankfurt.  

The programme is held in English.

Module Features:
  • Classroom sessions: interact with hand-selected Frankfurt School faculty and learn from their latest cutting-edge research.
  • Small-group learning: engage in inspiring exchanges and discuss at eye level with other senior leaders.
  • Your leadership story: share your personal leadership successes and receive valuable input for your leadership challenges.
  • Evening events: continue the conversation beyond the classroom and build strong networks.
  • Interactive Workshops and creative Impulses: interactive Workshops and creative Impulses offer participants a brief insight into new methods and approaches, create a view beyond one's own horizon and create the opportunity to reflect on one's own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Optional Energy Booster after Lunch: small exercises to get moving again and overcome a possible lunchtime low. At the same time, the energy boosters sometimes provide a new perspective and strengthen the group dynamic.
  • Community „Staying connected and peer support“: Participants have the opportunity to network with alumni and stay in touch with each other after the programme ends. At the same time, the programme management has the opportunity to share exciting professional content and FS content in the longer term.

Key Facts


You will receive a certificate of completion. There will be no examinations.

Participation Profile

C-Suite, Managing Directors, Partners, Entrepreneurs, General Managers, Senior Executives.

The AMP is ideal for experienced leaders in senior executive and management roles with domestic, international or global responsibilities. A typical participant would have more than 15 years of work experience, with at least 5 to 10 years at a senior leadership or management level.

To offer you an enriching and inspiring learning experience on the highest executive level, participation in the AMP is by application and admission only. Our admissions team will carefully evaluate your application based on work experience, current position and responsibility, and carefully select only those candidates who assure a coherent group composition.

While the Advanced Management Programme does not require any specific prior educational or academic qualification, it also serves as an excellent refresher to an earlier MBA or Executive MBA degree and constitutes a well-suited complement to more functionally-oriented Executive Education Programmes.


Total fee EUR 12,950 (Including: programme as described above, global leadership series, networking events and activities, lunches and coffee breaks, graduation ceremony, excluding: accommodation and travel expenses).