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Complex large-scale projects:

New advanced training for an entire bank - incl. blended learning

Convincing quality

A leading retail bank commissioned Frankfurt School to launch a training programme for a large number of its independent mortgage brokers. A team of experts exclusively developed a concept that was challenging in terms of professionalism, individual support and didactic preparation.

Three packages, three approaches, three different paths: from beginner to professional to expert level. The programme can be adapted to the needs of each individual and, as a tailor-made further training programme, offers brokers exactly the knowledge they need in practice.

An online learning campus guarantees participants – whether beginners, intermediate level or seasoned consultants – a specific training programme with e-learning as well as suitable seminars and webinars at every learning stage.

Self-determination as a learning model: Using suitable placement tests and digital learning materials, each participant can determine his or her level of knowledge and begin training at his or her own pace in order to move up to the next level. All forms of teaching and learning are continuously checked for quality and topicality, and adapted as a result. The goal for the participants was to further develop themselves personally and professionally – through a network platform they can keep in touch beyond the qualification and continue to prove themselves professionally. 


The challenges of the project were to master capacities, to create technical prerequisites, to act flexibly and to do justice to recognised competencies, as well as to develop a suitable marketing concept. In particular, convincing each individual participant how to deal with examination situations, required knowledge of human nature and sensitivity. The Frankfurt School team accompanied the consultants professionally and personally from the very beginning, took over communication, overcame hurdles and explained the advantages of the qualification in a conversation.

The programme is a qualification in which each participant decides individually at which level he or she starts and at what pace he or she moves forward. The large number of participants does not stand in the way of personalisation. Each is offered support from a network of experts and colleagues, from the industry and beyond, in face-to-face seminars, on-line forums and in-person meetings.

Consulting, development, certification, training management and quality control: For a complex topic with a heterogeneous group of participants, Frankfurt School has taken over the complete training management. Its experts were contact persons at all levels of the learning process, responding to the needs of the participants, keeping in touch and leading them to completion at their own pace in different ways from level to level.