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Frankfurt School offers executive programmes of the highest quality, tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and requests. These programmes can be online, onsite or blended. In particular our Customized Online Programmes (COPs) have become popular due to the current situation.

As an international business school accredited by AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS, Frankfurt School has a diverse client base representing well established national and international financial institutions as well as corporations coming from a wide variety of industries.

Due to our flexible nature, our customised programmes can be provided in any of the following mediums, with almost no geographical barriers.

  • Digital face-to-face training

  • Blended learning including digital face-to-face training or on-site training

  • Onsite on your premises irrespective of the geographical location

  • Onsite on our Campus in Frankfurt

Digital Face-to-Face Training Programmes


  • The digital face-to-face training approach provides many advantages for companies such as flexibility, cost benefit and time efficiency.

  • For more information about our open enrolment digital trainings please take a look at the following website:

  • Frankfurt School’s digital face-to-face training programmes, delivered via Zoom, ensure interactive learning and individual attention, covering essential technical, management and leadership skills.

  • We ensure participants get a highly rewarding face-to-face training experience by integrating different learning elements into the trainings. 

The following learning elements can be integrated into our digital interactive trainings:


Onsite Training


Frankfurt School conducts onsite face to face training programmes in your premises or in your country. We have a range of expert trainers who can facilitate your training needs either from Europe or from your region. Typical onsite customised programme is 3 to 5 days. Most of the occasions our clients facilitate logistic support for these programmes however Frankfurt School can provide end to end process including logistics as well.

For more information contact us.

Blended Learning Programmes

Frankfurt School offers customised blended learning solutions tailored for your organisation. Based on your requirements we develop online programmes using Frankfurt school’s e-learning platform including different learning features. For more information contact us.

A customized programme may comprise the following elements

  • Training needs analysis
  • Programme design and development
  • E-learning scripts
  • Digital face-to-face training
  • Onsite training on your premises
  • Learning videos
  • Case studies and exercises
  • Simulations
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Leadership Skills Assessment
  • Discussion and learning forum
  • Assignments
  • Online exams

A blended learning programme can be either developed for you from scratch or we customize a programme from our existing programme portfolio;



We provide individual support, feedback, and advice for managers to improve their personal effectiveness in their specific business setting. Usually an individual leadership coaching is a part of a customized leadership development programme as well.

Further we provide individual one to one trainings to company top management and business owners. These can be either on technical topics or any soft skills related topic as well.

For more information contact us.


Study Tours

  • Frankfurt School organizes customized study tours in Germany and Europe.
  • Germany is an attractive destination, due to its economic strength and cultural diversity.
  • Frankfurt as a banking and business centre, radiates far beyond Germany.
  • During a study tour, participants discuss up-to-date topics and best practice experience with our high class faculty and industry experts.
  • We are completely flexible in terms of dates, duration, topics and group size.

For more information contact us.


Our end to end service package for a customised Study Tour includes:

  • Programme design and development
  • Onsite classroom training in English (Other languages might be possible as well)
  • Translation services 
  • Organising company visitations, dinners and social events
  • Assistance with visa application
  • Other services such as transportation, boarding and lodging.

A typical agenda of a study tour is as follows;


Digital Learning Framework


The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management online education approach and framework is based on our didactical approach and digital principles.For more information about our digital principles, tools and technology, click here

Didactical Approach on Adult Learning

A variety of didactic methods is used in our online training programmes by applying different digital tools in order to ensure an interactive and effective training experience. Most online training approaches treat trainees as passive recipients of knowledge; however, we ensure that trainees are involved in active participation and experiential learning similar to a conventional face-to-face training while exchanging their experiences and engaging in discussions. For more information about our digital principles, tools and technology, click here

Digital Principles



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