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Sustainable World Academy Open Day

14 July 2023 from 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM CEST

Join Frankfurt School's Sustainable World Academy Virtual Event featuring the following online sessions:

Session 1: Get to know us: An introduction to Frankfurt School’s Sustainable World Academy

Session 2: Sustainable Leadership and Sustainable Entrepreneurship – presented by João Leitão, expert in Sustainable Development Policy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Session 3: Biodiversity Finance: Relevance and Challenges – An interview with Elizabeth Tamayo Tabares, expert in Biodiversity and Climate Finance

Join FS' virtual campus here: https://virtual.fs.de/sustainable-world-academy

Connect with your peers and meet our team

Studying an online course has many advantages. But there is one particular disadvantage that many participants suffer from: usually you always learn alone, without face-to-face contact with peers, lecturers, or support team. We are trying to soften this weakness at least a little bit in trying to meet our alumni whenever and wherever possible. The main opportunities are during conferences and business trips we do and after our final exams.

If you want to meet us as well as your peers, please regularly visit this page to check if for opportunities. And in case you pass by Frankfurt, please don’t hesitate to arrange a meeting with us.

Please visit us at Frankfurt School Campus

If you pass by Frankfurt, you are more than welcome to visit us in our modern campus!

Please just write us a short email in advance: