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ChatGPT for Business: Leveraging Large Language Models for Competitive Advantage

Transforming Business Processes with AI-powered Language Models



  • Brief introduction to the concept of AI Language Models and its business applications
  • Key milestones of the technology and how it impacts business operations
  • Key understandings of ChatGPT and its capabilities for business use cases
  • Demonstrations of ChatGPT in action for business processes
  • General "basic" tasks that ChatGPT can perform for businesses
  • Prompt engineering and ways to formulate effective prompts for business applications
  • More advanced use cases of ChatGPT for businesses, including automating routine tasks, generating reports, and enhancing decision-making
  • Risks of using ChatGPT for business operations, including bias and jailbreak
  • Open discussion and Q&A session to address participant questions and concerns


This seminar will provide you with a solid understanding of how to use Large Language models like ChatGPT to optimize your business operations. You will learn how to automate routine tasks, generate reports, and enhance decision-making with AI-powered chatbots. By leveraging large language models, you can improve the efficiency of your business processes and reduce operational costs while delivering superior customer experiences.


This programme is designed for managers, executives, and business owners interested in leveraging AI-powered Language Models to optimize business processes and improve customer experience.


This one-day programme consists of interactive lab sessions, lectures, and group discussions. You will work in groups to develop prompts and engineer language for specific business use cases. Our experts will provide guidance and feedback on your work.


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