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EU Taxonomy - Sustainable Finance in Practice



The EU Taxonomy is a key building block of sustainable finance in Europe. It defines how to identify environmentally sustainable economic activities. Disclosure regulations and demand for sustainable financial products create the need for financial institutions to understand and operationalise the EU Taxonomy. The Introductory and Expert course build on one another. If you already have knowledge on the basic principles of the EU Taxonomy, you can decide to choose the Expert course only.

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and ELS Europe have teamed up to provide the trainings to get your organisation ready for the EU Taxonomy. Our experienced trainers have an profound understanding of the EU Taxonomy and are partly active members of the European Commission’s Platform on Sustainable Finance and the European Commission’s Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance (TEG).


The course aims to assist investment professionals to gain a firm understanding of the EU Taxonomy and its practical implementation.


This course is ideal for investment professionals/financial market participants who would like to improve their understanding for investments into environmentally sustainable economic activities.


Please have a look at the course website to find out more: EU Taxonomy - Sustainable Finance in Practice


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