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European Certified Compliance Professional (ECCP)


The course targets people working in the fields of compliance, fraud, anti-money laundering, audit, risk management or prospective compliance functions.


Companies in the financial sector are subject to ever-increasing regulations. As a result, familiarity with implementation and adherence to laws, regulations, and voluntary commitment is becoming more and more complex. For many companies, this presents a major organizational challenge, as breaches have a lasting effect on a company’s reputation and have become an enormous operational risk. Compliance has developed into an essential factor in risk management and should be perceived as a company-wide responsibility. In order to cope with the increasing complexity of national and international regulations in the area of compliance, the availability of consistent and high-quality training for compliance officers is crucial.



  • Start of the Programme: 10th of September 2018
  • Online Learning Phase 1: 11th of September 2018 – 16th of November 2018
  • Classroom Session 1: 19th – 24th of November 2018
  • Online Learning Phase 2: January – February 2019
  • Classroom Session 2: February/March
  • 2019 Exam: March/April 2019


7 Monate


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