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Effective Audit Report Writing


Target Audience

Auditors who are not native speakers of English but need to conduct their audits in English.

You will receive 15,5 CPE Credits for this course

Learning Target

You will discover how to write a clear, coherent audit report in fluent English. The course focuses on a structure for writing up observations that will enable you to maximise audit viewpoint. You will become familiar with strategies that will help you be as concise as possible and improve readability. You will communicate greater value to your readers.


Day One: 
  • Know your target audience
  • Overview of in-house written documents
  • Overview of in-house writing formats and styles
  • Writing and presenting written material 
  • English language tips: appropriate structure, false friends and inappropriate translations 
  • Using appropriate internal audit and in-house terminology
  • E-mail etiquette
  • Writing exercises
  • Common variations in audit report layout
  • Paragraph structure
  • Using tables and graphs in order to present findings

Day Two: 
  • Audit rating scales and opinions with translations for readers
  • Conciseness and readability
  • Preferred in-house rules of expression, sentence structure and grammar
  • Tone and choice of words 
  • Writing clear, concise executive summaries 
  • Using effective language for power point presentations 
  • Reviewing and revising internal audit reports 
  • Drawing-up an individual written English language action plan
  • Individual feedback on participant written documents


Interactive lecture, discussion, individual and group exercises, case studies

Schedule and Duration

17.05.2021, Online Course

18.05.2021, Online Course