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FAQs on FSDF e-Campus Courses

Registration & Payment

How do I register?

You can find the final exam registration link on the e-Campus learning platrform under the unit "Final Exam"

Is there a Final Exam Fee?

If you enrolled to your course in March 2021, the final exam fees were included in your tuition fee. If you enrolled to your course before March 2021, a final exam fee of EUR 50 will be charged to you. You will receive your final exam invoice after registering for the exam.

Is there any requirement for taking the final exam?


  1. You need to be eligible for taking the final exam. This means, you need to have successfully completed the course (passing all the units and the assignments of your course)
  2. You have to have registered for taking the final exam

Downloading the App

How can I download the app?

You will receive an email from the final exam software provider with the following:

  • Link for downloading the final exam software app
  • Your credentials

This email will be sent to you about 2 weeks before the final exam.

I did not receive my credentials

If the final exam takes place in less than 2 weeks and you have not received any email from the final exam software provider, please send us an email to

Does the app work in every device?

The app only works on laptops or desktops. Please do not use the app in your phone or tablet.

Which are the technical requirements?

In order to have a smooth exam, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Windows OS above Windows 7
  2. Mac OS
  3. Webcam
  4. Microphone
  5. Internet connection above 3G
  6. Quiet environment

Which time do I need to set on my computer?

Plesae make sure that the date and time shown in your computer are correct and showing your local time

Does my camera work?

The app offers you a trial exam to test your camera and to see possible exam types of questions. We strongly advice you taking this exam to test your camera and the identification process.

Starting the Final Exam

When should I start the exam?

The exam takes 2 hours.

The exam will be available from 8AM – 5PM (CET). You can freely choose when to start within that time period.

Which document do I need to identify myself?

Using your ID or Passport is recommended. Please make sure that the picture of the document is clear.

During the Final Exam

Can I take notes?

Yes, you can take notes. Please show the empty pages to the camera at the beginning of the exam and the full pages at the end of the exam. Place your notes in one particular position and use it only in that area to take notes.

Can I use a dictionary?

Yes, you can, but you have to show the camera at the beginning of the exam and flip through the pages to show that there is nothing written into your dictionary. You are not allowed to use any translator or digital dictionary in your cellphone or any other devices.

Can I use a calculator?

The system provides you with a simple calculator. Should you be taking one of the courses where you need a scientific calculator, you are then allowed to do so. Please show the calculator to the webcam at the beginning of the exam to show that there is nothing written there. You are not allowed to use your cellphone for calculations.

Am I allowed to use my phone during the exam?

No, you are not allowed to use your cellphone during the exam. The only exception is, if you need to call the support center during the final exam. In this case, please make the call in front of your webcam.

Do I need Excel to make calculations?

No, you do not need EXCEL to do calculations.

Am I allowed to use a second screen?

No, you are not allowed to use a second screen or device (a second laptop, tablet or phone). In this case, you will get disqualified from the final exam.

Am I allowed to use a headset?

No, you are not. In case you do, you will get disqualified from the final exam.

How do I know how much time left I have to complete the exam?

There is a clock on the top of the page indicating, how much time left you have to complete the exam.

Can we get back to previous questions and change them?

Yes, you can. We even strongly recommend you to go through all your answers before submitting your exam.

Technical Issues

What happens if the internet connection breaks during the final exam?

Our system provides you with the final exam partially in offline mode too. You will need an internet connection to download the app on your laptop, synchronize the app with the exam 24 hours before the exam. If you don’t have a stable internet connection during the exam, your exam will be recorded along with the video recorded from webcam. After the exam, you will have to find the internet connection to upload the exam. If you are unable to upload the exam, please contact us.

What if I need technical support during the exam?

On the final exam day, we will extend the working hours until 7 PM. You can contact us anytime during the final exam.


Will the digital exam have the same validity as the paper based exam?

Yes. The  final exam whether conducted in the traditional method (paper based) or digitally by using new techniques will be recognized by Frankfurt School. The certificate will be offered only once you pass the final exam and have completed your respective course. Frankfurt School is recognized by three accreditations body (EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA) and we can assure the validity of the digital final exam.

Is it possible to ask questions during the exam?

It is not possible to ask content related questions during the exam. However, if you have any technical challenges with the app you are of course allowed to get in touch with our digital exam provider TestWe. Should you need to call them during the final exam, please do so in front of the webcam.

When can I expect the results of the final exams?

We will publish the results of the final exam 6 weeks after the exam at the latest

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