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FAQs on FSDF e-Campus Courses

Registration & Payments

When can I enroll to the course?

Course period Registration Early Bird Discount
March - Aug- Dec. 1 - March 31 by Jan. 15
Sept. - Feb. June 1 - Sept. 30 by July 15

Can I enrol for more than one course?

Even though not recommended, you can take more than one course in the same period. However, that should be possible if you are currently working part-time or have extra time.

What if the system says I am already registered?

It seems your email address is already registered with us. Probably you already signed up for one of Frankfurt School’s newsletters or for an e-Campus mailing list. Please restart the registration process by clicking on "Cancel". Answer the first question with "Yes" (“Have you already registered with Frankfurt School before?”). If you do not know your access data or if you have forgotten them, you may request new ones.

I did not receive my userdata

After registration you will receive an email with your userdata. If you cannot find this email, please first check your SPAM-folder. If it is not there, maybe you there was a typo when you entered your email address in the registration form. Please contact your e-Campus Team for further assistance ( 

Are the Scholarships or Discounts?

We do not provide any scholarships for our Certified Expert courses but we do provide some discounts.

  • FS Alumni Discount – 10% discount.
  • Early bird discount
  • Group discount – for 2 or more staff working at the same institution

Can I pay in installments?

Payments in installments is not possible

What can I do if I forgot my user data?

You can easily request your user data here

On the Current courses

Is the score of the test relevant for the final exam?

No. You need 50% correct answers to pass the test. The score you obtain in percentage is only relevant for you to see how you performed.

What if I am unable to complete the course within 6 months?

You can always choose to make a course extension, meaning that one can continue the course from where one left off in the previous run. A course extension costs an administrative fee of EUR 100 + EUR 50 for each gap period (if you have any) between the date the course ended and the date you start with the next course.

Final Exam

What are the eligibility criteria for the Final exam?

You have to follow all the mandatory deadlines and pass all the assignments and online tests with all the requirements.

How can I register for the final exam?

The registration for the final exam will open the month before the exam date. For the exam taking place in March the registration will open beginning of February. For the exam taking place in September the registration will open beginning of August.

Where does the final exam take place?

The final exams take place online. After you register for taking the digital final exam, you will receive detailed information about it.

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