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Digital Securities on Blockchain-Systems

Tokenisation of Assets, Tokenised Funds, Smart Contracts, and Regulation



Digital securities such as tokenised funds, tokenised debt, or tokenised shares take the concept of crypto assets a step further. Not only are they a form of ownership represented on a digital ledger, but much like traditional securities, they typically provide voting rights, are tied to a share of profits, or something similar. Digital securities are superior to conventional securities since they can be traded 24/7, globally, and they can technically be issued without legacy financial infrastructure. They give investors greater control and allow for a higher degree of portfolio diversification while allowing companies more flexibility with regard to fundraising approaches and business model innovation. With the realm of the digital euro, further significant efficiency gains can be expected since trading (i.e., delivery vs. payment) of such assets can potentially take place without clearing houses. Digital securities are an important component of the future of financial markets.
This programme introduces participants to the underlying concept and technological basics of digital securities covers a variety of potential use cases, and discusses legal considerations and challenges related to the issuance of digital securities (i.e., Elektronisches Wertpapiergesetz, eWPG).

This seminar is organised in collaboration with the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC). The FSBC is a think tank and research center focused primarily on investigating the implications of blockchain technology. In addition to general research and prototype development, the FSBC serves as a networking hub for managers, start-ups, and experts to exchange knowledge and best practices


Learning Target

Throughout this seminar, participants will gain in-depth insights into the significance of asset tokenisation, the technical and regulatory aspects of digital securities, and fundamental skills regarding smart contract platforms. This includes learning about asset custody, security, issuance, and more. Digital securities are tokens representing ownership, or other rights, to an underlying asset or business. Tokenisation of assets introduces liquidity into traditionally illiquid markets, it allows for new financing approaches and offers investors greater flexibility. Participants in this seminar will understand the how, why, and what of digital securities, potential use cases across various industries, and more. Kicking off with a review of DLTs, students will learn about the suitability of public and private blockchains, dive into asset tokenisation, fiat-backed tokens, such as private sector stablecoins and tokenised commercial bank money, and public sector central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Target Audience

Employees and decision-makers from the financial sector interested in blockchain technology or who want to enter the market of crypto assets

Innovation managers, CIOs and CDOs, IT strategists, executive managers, and experts in business administration, as well as individuals who would like to learn more about crypto assets and blockchain systems.

Employees of startups with digital business models

Lawyers and consultants with a focus on capital market law and digitisation

In-house events for groups from companies are also possible on other dates. Feel free to contact us - we will prepare a tailor-made offer for you.


The programme is designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of digital securities, their use cases, and potential challenges surrounding the issuance and use of such financial instruments. While participating in this seminar, participants will hear lectures from leading experts in their respective fields, participants will have the opportunity to ask specific questions, and make connections with other people working in the industry.


1 day

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