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Certified Specialist in AI for Business

Prepare your Organisation for AI

Target Audience

Managers, Project Managers, Process manager and Project coordinators in the field of Digital Transformation or business development of banks or companies, Business Analysts etc.


Learning Target

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enormous disruptive potential, but making the most of this potential requires you to change your mindset and business priorities.

The programme Certified Specialist in AI for Business aims to provide you with an overview of AI, including a discussion of what the technology is (and is not (!)), the current state of AI research, and how to make best use of the business opportunities presented by AI.

The programme Certified Specialist in AI for Business focuses on issues and applications from a business perspective. You will gain an understanding of the various business applications of AI and digitalisation, as well as the principles and skills you need to build a data-driven organisation. You will also be empowered to evaluate levels of digitalisation in your own area of business so you can better assess the growth potential of your department or business unit.



This certificate course forms the foundation for the expertise to gain the use and benefit of AI technologies in the business environment. In 2 x 3-day workshops, you will discuss and develop the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, gain deep insight into how AI is already being used in various areas (such as financial industry, sales and marketing, pharmacy, automotive industry) and how AI implementations and methods of Data Science and Deep Learning will change the business landscape in the long term.

This course provides you with the necessary know-how to competently contribute to the strategic orientation of your organization and make it fit for the future.

AI Fundamentals (Workshop 1)
  • What is AI? - hype versus reality
  • Trends in AI - investments, development areas, the overview of the AI development market
  • How does AI work? - understanding the conceptual layers of different AI applications
  • How does it learn? - data and procedural requirements for AI systems to learn
  • Applications with specific business impacts

Applied AI and introduction in the fundamentals of Data Science and Deep Learning (Workshop 2)

Follow-up: Applications with specific business impacts
Managing the data capital:
  • Foundational definitions and historical overview of Data Science
  • Task settings, tasks of AI models
  • New roles in an organisation: data manager, data engineer, data scientist
  • The layers of data management: big data, data cleaning, validation

What is Deep Learning? Fundamentals:
  • Introduction to Deep Learning
  • Neural Network Basics
  • Shallow Neural Networks
  • Deep Neural Networks



2 months, 2 times 3 days on campus + ½ certification day



2 Months

Customised Programmes

Everything we offer in our range of open seminars can be packaged and delivered as tailormade in-house training programmes for companies and organisations. We will be happy to advise you and create an individual offer on request.


Price advantage of 10% from the 2nd participant per company and seminar date.

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