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Domestic payments / European payments -

including technical specifications



„h  Legislative basis (national and European law)
  • Payment Services Directive PSD II
  • Payment services supervision act (ZAG)
  • Credit transfer regulation

„h  Domestic payments
„h  Payments within SEPA-area
  • Development
  • SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT)
  • SEPA Direct Debits (SDD) - Core, B2B -
  • R-accounts for corporate customers
  • R-messages
  • SEPA mandate / Pre-notification
  • SEPA Instant Payments (SCTInst)

„h  Current modifications for national payments
„h  SEPA-technical specifications, formats and interfaces. Technical standards at a glance
  • ISO 20022 XML (SEPA) Standards, SEPA German Banking Industry standards and country subsets, EPC and CGI-formats, actual specification of data formats (DFÜ -Standard)
  • CAMT messages
  • Process flows for SCT and SDD (C2B, B2B, B2C)

„h  Clearing- and settlement systems
  • RPS (SCL, Deutsche Bundesbank)
  • EURO 1
  • STEP 1, STEP 2, RT 1
  • Individual- und Massenzahlungsverkehr

„h  Developments and up-to-date trends

Learning Target

Payments become contactless and mobile. This will be insured by properly equipped credit cards and girocards of smartphone- and banking apps for mobile payments.
Instant Payments allow payment execution in real time and in less than 10 seconds. Consumers expect fast as well as smart and secure applications. Companies are expecting immediate use of funds and an accelerated execution of payments. Who will place themselves in competition successfully?  Do we see comprehensive and consistant solutions? What are further trends?
With this seminar you get to know fundamental functional requirements for processing domestic payments and extended processing requirements for payments in the SEPA zone. Detailed knowledge will support you in your day-to-day work as well in the development of payment products and marketing concepts. You will be able to assess future trends in payments.

Target Audience

Fintechs, blockchain, settlement, PSD II, clearing, customer-friendly processes: terms you will face in relation to payments. After coming into force of the EU Payment Services Directive (PSD II) it is possible and allowed that other / further service providers will get between customers and payment processing and thereby financial institutions will be used as providers of infrastructure only.
This seminar is designed for employees of industrial companies and companies of the financial services sector from business areas like payments, organization, audit and IT, relationship managers for private, commercial and corporate customer business as well as for professionals, who will increase their deeper knowledge on payments and/or their consulting and sales expertise.


Interactive lecture, discussion, individual and group exercises, case studies, reflection

The seminar "Domestic payments / European payments " is also offered in german language.


2 Days

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