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Expert in Data Science and AI – Implement Machine Learning into Practice

Certificate Programme


The recent wave of innovation in Artificial intelligence (AI) has enormous disruptive potential, but there is a decided shortage of professionals capable of harnessing the power of the latest modelling techniques and moving AI from the drawing board into real life.


The programme Certified Expert in Data Science and AI aims to give practitioners a solid foundation in data modelling, as well as an in-depth understanding of the latest AI methods and solutions (especially Deep Learning). The course covers the theoretical foundations of statistical modelling, the detailed analysis of neural models – along with associated machine learning procedures – and includes a technical introduction to and practice in Python programming using the general “Data Science Stack” (Numpy, SciPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn), as well as TensorFlow for Deep Learning.

Your Advantages

  • Interactive “lab” sessions
  • Immediate application while implementing solutions (under guidance)
  • Individual support
  • Valuable networking within the circle of participants
  • Two Trainers who are specialists in different areas of expertise
  • Recognised certificate after passing the programming assignments

Programme content

The programme Certified Expert Data Science and Artificial Intelligence consists of two 5-day weeks.The course is held in English.

Data Science and Modelling Foundations (Week 1)

  • Foundational definitions, historical overview
  • Task settings, tasks of AI models
  • Data science pipeline
  • Visualization, representation and embedding
  • Clustering methods, anomaly detection models, classification methods
  • Regression, metrics, measurements of models

Neural Networks and Deep Learning (Week 2)

  • Training and setup for neural networks
  • Neural network basics
  • Current neural architectures and their application
  • Memory networks, unsupervised learning with neural models, transfer learning
  • Peak into what else is there?
  • Advice on deployment of Machine Learning models

Key Facts


Certified Expert in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (Frankfurt School)

Target Group

Programmers, data scientists and business analysts, as well as individuals with experience in programming and/or data analysis seeking an in-depth understanding of and practical exposure to the latest AI technologies (especially Deep Learning)


  • Participants will need basic programming skills and knowledge; a basic knowledge of Python would be a plus
  • A data-modelling background (or strong affinity) is desirable
  • All participants should bring laptops with them to work on practical exercises during the course.


10 days


Please contact us for further information. 


Total fee: EUR 6,990 (10 days). This includes the IT infrastructure access fee, registration fee (EUR 100) and examination fee (EUR 450).

Course fees are exempt from VAT.



András Simonyi

András Simonyi

is a natural language processing researcher and developer specialising in semantics who worked on a large number of academic and industrial artificial intelligence projects in the past 15 years. He was the lead NLP developer of a semantic search engine project at Analogy Co., a Hungarian AI company (2015-17). Currently he is a senior researcher at the Neural Information Processing Group of Eötvös University, Budapest and regularly teaches artificial intelligence courses at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and Eötvös University. 

Levente Szabados

has a background in cognitive sciences and considerable experience in leading research and development teams as well as transforming research results into software applications. He has filled various roles at two startups including co-founder, lead of research, and chief technology officer. Levente’s work has covered topics including web ontologies, evolutionary computation, neural networks, and diverse natural language processing approaches. He currently has over 10 years of experience in applied AI and is working as a Senior Consultant.

Levente Szabados

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