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The Frankfurt School MBA Admission Test

After reviewing your application documents, we will invite qualified candidates to take the MBA Admission Test before participating in the interview process. Access to sample questions will be provided with the official test invitation.

Duration: 2 hours

Location: The MBA Admission Test is administered online so you can complete it from a location that is convenient for you.

Further Details

A multiple choice test using verbal and quantitative questions to get an impression of our candidates’ approach to problem solving, communication and data management.

Part 1: Communication Analysis

Contextual Understanding
Summary and Inference

Analysis of passages through the lens of gauging the main themes, relevant points and logical inferences.

15 questions

30 minutes

Part 2:              Critical Thinking

Logical Reasoning
Information Completeness

Managing the components of a logic problem to either deliver a definitive answer to a question or simply determine its solvability

15 questions

30 minutes

Part 3:
Data Analysis

Problem Solving
Algebraic  Mathematics

Fluency and efficiency in use of business-relevant mathematics.

15 questions

30 minutes

Part 4:
Data Interpretation

Mathematical Caselets
Information Completeness (Quant)

Data Significance testing through both standard mathematical logic questions, and multiple linked mini case questions where arithmetic and algebra are tested in the context of a business scenario.

15 questions

30 minutes