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Offering housing finance in developing or emerging countries is a challenge. Affordability, fraud, legal problems, or a lack of long-term financing are persistent problems. In this course we will teach strategies and skills for implementing or enhancing housing finance operations both in your institution and other difficult environments. We cover the whole value chain of housing finance, from origination and underwriting to monitoring, recovery, and long-term funding. A strong, hands-on focus and examples from practitioners with a wealth of experienced in the field are a clear characteristic of this course. Housing Finances is offered in cooperation with HDFC India.

Target Group

The course targets Housing Finance practitioners from all kind of financial institutions, such as field staff, mid-level management and any other staff involved in the agribusiness underwriting process.

Course Details

  • Housing Finance Overview
  • Credit – Production and Sales
  • Loan Servicing and Collections
  • Funding
  • Financial Management
  • Investor Relations
  • Case Studies

Administrative Details

The tuition fee for the trainings is EUR 3,750 and it covers all training materials and full-board accommodation in single rooms for the duration of training including meals as well as transportation for site visits.

The Summer Academies are fully tuition based and not sponsored. Accordingly, participants have to cover the full costs of the training or find a sponsor. There are few scholarships available. (Please see Scholarship tab for details and register for our newsletter for more information).

The participant group will be selected based on complementary experiences and backgrounds.


Please note that we can offer the following discounts:

  • 10% for each institution sending more than one participant to a Summer Academy
  • 10% discount for alumni


The Summer Academy will be held at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Being one of the leading business schools in Germany and Europe, Frankfurt School offers modern facilities for an interactive senior training program. Our training rooms are equipped with the newest technology and the newest media to provide flexibility and quality in our training courses. We have a strong focus on the wellbeing of our guests and course participants, a good training environment, air quality and modern equipment.


The language of instruction will be English and no translation will be provided.

Course Lecturer


Suresh Menon

joined HDFC in 1984 and is currently Member of Executive Management responsible for Policy Implementation & Process Monitoring. He is also overseeing the Internal Audit and IT-User Support Group. He was deputed as the CEO of HDFC General Insurance company.

Conrad D’Souza

joined HDFC in 1984 and is currently Member of Executive Management and his responsibilities include strategy, corporate planning and budgeting, corporate finance and investor relations. He is a Member of the Asset Liability Committee (ALCO). Mr. D’Souza has worked earlier in the lending Operations and Management Services at HDFC and was also Regional Mana ger. He has been an international consultant and has undertaken assignments in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. He has on the Board of several companies including HDFC plc, Maldives and Egyptian Housing Finance Company.