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International Leadership Academy

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International Leadership Academy is designed as a hands-on training course where course participants will learn the essentials of leadership and what defines a leader. 

Duration and Price

On Campus Training

  • 5 Days
  • 24.1.2022 - 28.1.2022
  • Price: EUR 4,300*

*Group discount of 10% 

*Price includes beverages, lunch and two networking dinners. Accommodation is not included in the price. However, for any assistance regarding accommodation please contact us.

International Leadership Academy is part of International Executive Campus and also will be recognized as the in-class specialization of Certified Expert in Business Development programme.

Target Group

International Leadership Academy is designed for senior managers in banks and corporates who want to enhance their leadership skills to inspire and motivate their teams and business partners.

Learning Target

Participants will understand the complexity of leadership by using the Complex Leadership Model (CLM). They will also analyze their own leadership style and identify key success factors by using the Complex Leadership Assessment Tool (CLA). After attending this seminar, participants will understand processes of team development and can identify factors to build effective teams. Moreover, participants understand different change processes in organizations and the role of organizational culture while implementing change. They will also enhance their intercultural negotiations skills as well as their strategic and global leadership thinking. Gaining insights on best practice examples from the German industry, participants will get a deep understanding on how to build successful leaders.


  • The Impact of Leaders
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Developing your own Leadership Capabilities
  • Performance Management
  • Empowering Teams
  • Communication and Presentation
  • Conflict Management
  • Outdoor Leadership Challenge
  • Intercultural Negotiations
  • Leading Change


  • Lectures and PowerPoint presentations
  • Discussions
  • Individual and group exercises
  • Case studies


Charley Swords


Charley Swords is an internationally recognised leadership consultant and mentor with an enviable reputation and extensive track record in developed, emerging and transition economies. She is passionate about empowering people and she specialises in bringing a deeper awareness and consciousness to how people think and behave, and the impact this has on their ultimate success. 

Charley develops and delivers insightful and stimulating transformational leadership training programs and workshops for executive and senior management teams and also for Boards of Directors of both private and public institutions.  She is heavily involved in coaching and mentoring executive management teams in a number of banks and financial institutions and in working with individual professionals at all levels up to and including executives in the areas of leadership, transformation and career management.

Charley helps professionals in all sectors to transform their mindset and behaviors, to operate more fully and successfully, both personally and professionally. She has worked across c.30 countries, and works with individuals and leadership teams providing mentoring, coaching, training and consultancy services to help them achieve peak performance.  Her first book ‘Dare To Be A Revolutionary Leader’ was published in May 2021.

During her professional career in UniCredit Bank, she has accumulated vast experience in technical fields as well as in leadership. While holding various managerial positions, she was already responsible for training and coaching of her teams. At that time, her training and coaching focused on leadership, sales strategies, customer service, and achieving targets. After 15 years of management experience in bank sales she became the Head of HR for the Unicredit Division Private Banking, Germany and Luxembourg. In this role, she designed and developed various HR initiatives, amongst others she worked on the improvement of the personal development and leadership skills of the supervisors in her area. She was also responsible for the recruitment of international staff, ensuring business success through hiring suitable personnel. She also trained the managers in her domain on interviewing skills.

Mehr Weniger

Since 2014, she has been working as an independent trainer, coach and mediator, amongst others for Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. In this new capacity, she teaches various leadership training courses, amongst others in the following areas: change management, negotiation skills, communication, human resources management and development, general and strategic leadership.

Ute Bühler

Person in front of background

Prof. Dr. Björn Michaelis

person in blue jacket

Prof. Dr. Björn Michaelis is Professor of Management and Organization at Kühne Logistics University (KLU) in Hamburg and serves as a Senior Advisor in Strategy & Leadership for the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Before coming to KLU Professor Michaelis was a post-doc researcher and Habilitand at the UBS-Endowed Professorship for Strategic Management at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. At the Goethe University Frankfurt he received his post-doctoral qualification (habilitation) and was granted the "venia legendi" in Business Administration (2011-2015). Moreover, Professor Michaelis was an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior (2009-2011) and a Research Associate and doctoral student (2006-2009) at Heidelberg University, Germany. Professor Michaelis is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School Program on Private Equity and Venture Capital. Gaining experience abroad he was a Visiting Fellow at the Graduate School of Business in Fontainebleau (France).

Professor Michaelis has taught in diverse strategy, management, and leadership classes in bachelor, master, and executive education programs at various institutions.

Mehr Weniger

He served as the Program Director of China Development Bank’s (CDB) executive education program in “Strategy, Innovation, and Leadership” and taught in the CDB “Strategic Management for Financial Groups” program “ at Goethe Business School, Frankfurt. Professor Michaelis also serves as a lecturer in the executive education program on “Micro and SME Banking” and taught “Learning to Lead for New Leaders” and “Leading for Results” as well as in the Master’s Program in Management at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (Bankakademie HFB). Moreover, Professor Michaelis taught several bachelor’s, master’s, and MBA courses on strategy and global strategy, organization, and management at Peking University HSBC Business School, the Kühne Logistics University, the Goethe University Frankfurt, the University of Heidelberg, the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and the European Business School (EBS).

Putting Professor Michaelis’ knowledge into practice, he advises firms in various industries on strategy, management, and leadership issues. Professor Michaelis has been involved in a variety of strategy and management consulting projects for industrial and financial services companies including Deutsche Bank, China Development Bank (CDB), Commercial International Bank Egypt (CIB), Johnson Controls, Daimler, Volkswagen, UEFA, and Deutsche Bahn. More recently, Professor Michaelis founded Fanciety, a Hamburg based sports-tech start-up. Fanciety is the world’s first game-based social network and brings sport fans and their loved brands on one platform.