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Certified Expert in Business Development

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The Certified Expert in Business Development is a flexible blended learning management certificate programme dispensing great opportunity for professionals to develop their key Business Development and Leadership skills to excel in their executive positions while pursuing their career.

Learning Journey


Programme Essentials

  • Enhance essential Business Development and Leadership skills
  • Quality materials with an up-to-date learning platform and environment 
  • Flexibility in time and learning while working
  • Leadership Skills Assessment and Personal Development Plan
  • Personal and professional networking opportunities
  • Be awarded prestigious “Certified Expert in Business Development” 
  • Earn 10 ECTS credit points from top-ranked German business school with triple crown accreditation

Business Development

Learn how to identify, develop and implement growth opportunities

Business Development is about identifying, developing and implementing growth opportunities in an organization. People who partake in Business Development may come from various professional backgrounds working in different areas or departments of an organization. But what they all have in common is their entrepreneurial task or function of identifying market opportunities, designing new products or businesses and bringing them successfully to the market. Therefore Business Development may be considered as cross functional. It requires key skills from Strategy and Business Design, Innovation and Product Development, Market and Customer Development as well as from Leadership, Finance and Operations.

Target Group

The Certified Expert in Business Development is designed for middle and senior managers from banks and corporates or other organizations as well as entrepreneurs who seek to enhance their Business Development and Leadership skills in a time efficient manner. For more information contact us

Details about the Programme

Specilisation Training

A prerequisite to finish the programme is to select a specialisation face to face training. There is the option to attend a one week at The Frankfurt School campus for International Executive Campus or to complete this via a series of online trainings over a period.

International Executive Campus in Frankfurt - Hybrid Model

Participants can choose from any of the following programmes as specialisation. For more information click here.

  • Business Development through Strategy and Innovation 27.09.2021-01.10.2021

  • Leading with Impact 29.11.2021-03.12.2021

Online Learning

The programme comprises of six online units which will give you a comprehensive knowledge in the disciplines of:

  • Economics
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Operations Management  

Each unit also comprises of Optional Readings which are intended to assist you with your specialization selection and your assignment.

Online Exam

Participants are required to take a 2 hour MCQ exam and pass with a 50% pass mark. The examination takes place in March and September. The exam can be taken within a 12 hour window on the allocated date. 

Leadership Assessment

Participants will go through an online comprehensive leadership assessment comprises of 45 items grouped into 9 different dimensions. After completion, Frankfurt School will provide the participants a comprehensive report.


Participants need to submit a 8-10 page assignment on a topic of your choice or given by FS. The date of your final assignment submission will be selected by yourself and your study advisor within the 5 – 8 month programme period.


Throughout the programme you can liaise with Frankfurt School and the other participants via the online forum. This gives you the opportunity to engage with others that are enrolled in this programme and a valuable networking opportunity.

Company Requests

Make Certified Expert in Business Development programme suit your company’s Management Development strategy. This programme can be customized to your company’s needs and requirements. Candidates can select a company specific topic as their final assignment. In addition; if you have a bigger group of candidates, we can also customize the in-class part in terms of content and duration as well as the final assignment.

Key Information


Join our programme today by sending us an email.

Price : 7,200 EUR 

*accommodation is not included in the price during on campus week

* Group discount is 10%


The programme has a flexible start date. There is approximately 150 hours of self-study. Our past experience suggest that the programme takes particpants between 5 to 8 months to complete.


Certified Expert in Business Development Certificate equivalent to 10 ECTS.


First academic degree or at least three years of professional experience to be proofed by submitting your CV.


Entire programme is conducted in English


Online, with the option of the on campus specilisation taking place at the Frankfurt School Campus.

Contribution to SDGs

This course will enhance your knowledge in the following SDGs. The SWA offers professional and executive courses dedicated to the advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).