Webinar: What Climate disaster can teach us? has been postponed to 26th May


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Business Continuity Online Training Series - What Climate Disaster Insurance can teach us about Covid 19 ?

26th May 14:00 Hrs CEST

What Climate Disaster Insurance can teach us about COVID 19 ?

Preparing for catastrophes – how climate risk insurance can help to strengthen resilience against climate change and what we can learn from it in the current crises.

With changing climatic condition humans and communities are presented with ever-increasing challenges. Expected climate change presents not only a serious threat to vulnerable countries and communities but has already become a global reality with a significant increase in number of natural disasters and the frequency of extreme weather events. The loss of life and infrastructure is unprecedented and presents us with the challenging task of managing the current as well as future expected impacts of natural disasters due to climate change. As an innovative instrument to manage climate risks climate risk insurance has gained attention and political support over the last years.

The webinar will provide insights into how climate risk insurance can help to better prepare and adapt to climate change, how to mitigate the negative effects of extreme weather events on communities, enterprises and households and what we might learn from this in the context of the COVID-19 crises.

Join us on 26th May, 14:00 Hrs CET by clicking below