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Network After Work - Frankfurt

Join our Alumni Event in Frankfurt

Always wondered who was behind the milestone emails you received while doing e-learning course or who was it posting all those interesting questions on the forum? Well good news is that it was not a computer but human beings. Our Network After Work event presents you with the opportunity to meet the staff of FSDF e-Campus, virtual peers from all the e-learning courses. Read the details below and join us.

Network After Work


Thursday, February 8th, from 5:30 PM


Executive Lounge

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Adickesallee 32-34

60322 Frankfurt

What to expect?

  • Network with FSDF e-Campus alumni of the past 7 years
  • Meet the FSDF e-Campus team and IAS Staff
  • Find more about Frankfurt School's development finance programs
  • Meet Frankfurt School Staff
  • A Campus tour
  • Enjoy some drinks and snacks!


FSDF E-campus

Meet FS in Frankfurt