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Financial Markets Boot Camp


02 months programme including 13 half-day online interactive training sessions

The course is split up into 13 online training sessions each 3.5 hours. The detailed content and the dates of the sessions are given below under Course Outline.

1st June - 30th July 2021

Price per participant: 2,800 EUR 

*Alumni discount is 10%

Target Group

This course is designed to junior financial market dealers, early career corporate and bank treasurers, as well as operations staff (including IT) or other financial professionals.

Junior financial professionals, after their graduation in a finance or a business related topic, have gained first experience in the financial markets on the job already and are working in specific areas with dedicated tasks.

The course gives them the opportunity and time to get away from all-day routines and go back - in a very condensed way - to the school/university desk, refresh and deepen their knowledge and understand financial markets from a holistic fundamental view building upon their already gained experience.

Learning Target

Although the course has an academic and quantitative foundation it is practical orientated with many interactive (often excel based) exercises and case studies based on real market events. After finishing the course the students should have gained a deep and long lasting knowledge of some of the most fundamental principles in finance from which they will benefit throughout their entire career.

Students can benefit from more time between the sessions to digest the content between the modules. Exercises will be given as a homework task after each module which helps the students to review the content and test their comprehension of the discussed topics.


  • Mathematical Foundations (Excel, Analysis, Stochastic)

  • Introduction to Financial Markets

  • Asymmetric Products

  • FX products, FX pricing and FX settlement

  • Risk Management

  • Regulation


Lecture, discussion, individual and group exercises, case studies and reading materials on FS e-learning platform

Course Outline

Module 1 - Mathematical Foundations


  • Set Up
  • VBA


  • Differentiation
  • Integration
  • Partial Derivatives
  • Taylor-Series


  • Statistical Measures
  • Variance/Covariance
  • Binomial Distribution
  • Normal Distribution
  • Quantiles

Module 2 - Introduction to Financial Markets

Core principles of Financial Markets

  • Time Value of Money
  • Present Value
  • Bonds

Today’s Financial Markets

  • Market participants
  • Different Markets
  • Financial Crisis 2008/09

Symmetric Products

  • Yield Curve
  • Forward
  • SWAP and FRA
  • Futures

Module 3 - Asymmetric Products


  • Type of Options
  • Option Strategies

Binomial Tree Model

  • One Step Model
  • Generalization
  • Volatility

Black Scholes Model

  • Pricing European Call/Put Options
  • Implied Volatility

Module 4 - FX

FX Products

  • FX Spot,
  • FX Forward
  • FX Swap

FX Pricing

  • Calculation of Cross Rates
  • Calculation of FX Forward Rates and Swap Points

FX Settlement

  • Non-Deliverable Products
  • Continuous Linked Settlement

Module 5 - Risk Management

Definition of Risk

Market Risk

Value at Risk

Credit Risk

Other Risks

Module 6 – Regulation

Basel III



Market Abuse Regulation

EU Banking Union

Dodd-Frank (inlc. Volcker Rule)

Glass-Steagle Act

7. A Trader‘s View

  • A practical Introduction
  • Theory : Recap
  • Practice
      A typical day
      The Anatomy of linear IRD
      What is Volatility?
      The Functioning of a Cap
      Delta {0;1}
      IBOR – Why is it important and what is changing?
      Hedging a Bond Option
      Show Session: Bloomberg, Eurex & More
  • Future Outlook
      Blockchain, Smart Contracts


Dr. Achim Posthaus


Dr. Achim Posthaus is the Founder and Managing Director of Alpha Pi Analytics GmbH as well as an academic lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

Prior to founding his company, he has been Director of Debt Markets at Barclays Capital in Frankfurt (2005-2012) among other positions he held such as Head of Financial Institution Structuring Group Germany (2009-2012) and Head of Structured Credit Sales Germany (2005 -2009). From 1999 to 2005, he was Director of Debt Markets at Merrill Lynch Capital Markets Bank responsible for the Structured Solutions Group Germany and from 1997 to 1999 at Commerz Financial Products/ Commerzbank in the Derivatives Product Management. More

Carsten Auel, CFA is a Senior Manager at Deloitte and a recognized lecturer for Capital Markets, Investments, Securitizations, Fixed Income and Equity products. He is experienced in the pricing, financial modeling and risk analysis of plain vanilla as well as complex financial instruments. During his career, Carsten has managed a number of complex implementations of pricing and analysis platforms for prestigious clients.

Carsten started his career at NRW.BANK. He moved to cominvest Asset Management where he worked in Risk Management. During his time at MainFirst Bank, Carsten gained experience in the entire value chain of an Equity Brokerage firm from Equity Research to Trading. He also developed and implemented a Market Neutral Strategy. Afterward, he helped to build up the Fixed Income department and specialized in Securitizations. At AVS-Valuation, Carsten worked as a Financial Engineer in the valuation of complex and illiquid financial instruments.  More

Carsten Auel


Dr. Fabian Woebbeking

Person in front of building

Dr. Fabian Woebbeking is a data scientist and financial economist with a research focus on Computational Finance, Financial Risk Management, Natural Language Processing, Algorithmic Trading, Cryptoderivatives, Extreme Value Theory and Systemic Risk. As a co-founder and partner at Axiomatec AG, he develops quantitative investment and risk management solutions for institutional clients.

As a lecturer at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, he teaches courses in financial economics and derivative pricing. More.

Christian Forma, MBA is a senior trader in structured interest rate products. He has more than 20 years of experience in the capital markets across various asset classes.

He is experienced in pricing, trading and risk management of non-linear interest rate derivatives and also one of the Helabas Risk Takers. 

Christian started his career in the equity desk of Commerzbank. He moved to MTBC Bank where he was an equity proprietary trader. After a short period at MTI in London, he moved to DZ Bank and started trading structured interest rate derivatives. This was followed by a move to Helaba in 2007. After completing his Executive MBA at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, he also lectures there.

In March, he will move to WIBank, the state development bank, where he will take over as Head of Treasury. Christian is also a Fellow of the "Digital Euro Association“.

Christian Forma