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Certified Expert in Business Development

The Certified Expert in Business Development is a blended learning management certificate programme dispensing great opportunity for professionals to develop advanced Management and Leadership skills to excel in their executive positions while pursuing their career.

Due to the current situation, the Certified Expert in Business Development programme is now offered as a fully online course too with online training modules. Alternatively to the in-class trainings at our Frankfurt Campus you may also attend “Effective Leadership” together with “Building a Customer-Centric Company” from our Suite of Remote Executive Trainings. More info.

Programme Essentials

  • You learn about key management topics essential to your business development: Principles in Leadership, Strategy, Innovation, Marketing, Organizational Economics, Human Resource and Operations as well as Financial and Managerial Accounting.
  • The programme is catered towards the dynamic development and management of your business. Giving emphasis on strategy and business design, idea and product innovation and how to bring them successfully to the market.
  • With 10 ECTS Credit points, you earn the prestigious “Certified Expert in Business Development”.
  • The blended learning style of the programme provides optimum time management and learning flexibility, designed for professionals pursuing their career.
  • Comprising e-learning modules, leadership assessment, final exam, one week in-class training at Frankfurt School Campus and a supervised final assignment in a period of 5-7 month.
  • During the campus in-class training, you specialize in one of four core topics: Leadership or Strategy, Innovation and Business Development or Digital Business Transformation or Project Management.
  • The Leadership self-assessment provides insight into leadership style, garnering personal feedback and coaching from a leadership development expert.
  • You grow your personal and professional network: a week on Campus and access to the Frankfurt School community through our online forum.
  • The program is delivered by the excellent Frankfurt School faculty and leading experts from our wide professional network.
  • Customizable to your company’s needs and requirement.
  • We build on over 50 years of teaching and research experience at Frankfurt School, one of Germany’s top-ranked business schools with triple Accreditation.

Programme Structure


Certified Expert in Business Development. Equivalent to 10 ECTS.


First academic degree or at least three years of professional experience to be proofed by submitting your CV.

Target Group

The Certified Expert in Business Development is designed for middle and senior managers from banks and corporates or other organizations who seek to improve their leadership and business development management skills in a time efficient manner.

Language of Instruction



Flexible: one week on campus and 150 hours of self-study. Registration and start anytime.

Price EUR 7,200*

*Including one week class-room training at Frankfurt School.

*Including beverages during seminar, lunch and two networking dinners during on-campus week.


Frankfurt School Campus

Company Request

Make Certified Expert in Business Development programme suit your company’s Management Development strategy. This programme can be customized to your company’s needs and requirements. Candidates can select a company specific topic as their final assignment. In addition; if you have a bigger group of candidates, we can also customize the in-class part in terms of content and duration as well as the final assignment.

Select one Specialization

International Executive Campus 


The candidate will start with distance learning modules on the essentials of management which will be assessed by an examination. After passing the exam the candidate will attend one Executive Week class at our campus in Frankfurt.

A following project assignment will give the candidate the opportunity to apply knowledge in a practical case. After successfully passing the project assignment the candidate will receive a certificate from Frankfurt School.

Distance Learning (75 hrs)

In the distance learning phase of the program you will gain a comprehensive knowledge in the disciplines of Leadership, Strategy and Innovation, Economics of the Firm, Marketing, Human Resources and Operations as well as Accounting. Each topic is covered by a chapter in your course book. The chapters were carefully chosen and put together by our professors.

Throughout the pre-reading period, you can liaise with Frankfurt School via the online forum. To check your learning progress, you take an online test. The reading also prepares you for your on-campus sessions in Frankfurt.

  • Economics
  • Leadership, HR and Change Management
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Marketing
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • Project Management and Operations

In a 2 hrs computer based exam the candidate will be asked 100 multiple choice test questions about the distance learning curriculum.


The candidate will work on a business case study and submit a 8-10 pages proposal. The topic or case will be provided by FS or by the candidate himself.

Course contributes to UN SDGs

This course will enhance your knowledge in the following SDGs. The SWA offers professional and executive courses dedicated to the advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).