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Menglu Zhuang is a sustainable finance expert and researcher at the Frankfurt School-UNEP Centre. Her role at the Centre is to manage and oversee the content development of education and training programs on the topic of sustainable finance / ESG investing. As a researcher, Menglu Zhuang works closely with professors at the Frankfurt School in research projects to further the understanding of sustainable finance.

Besides research, Ms. Zhuang also has many practical working experiences in the area of climate and sustainable finance. Amongst others, she was a key team member in the projects Developing Sustainable Energy Investment Metrics for the Financial Sector (SEI Metrics) funded by the European Commission and Results-based Climate Finance Initiative mapping, Outlining and Assessment supported by the World Bank.

Ms. Zhuang holds a M.Sc. Finance degree from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. She is currently finishing her Graduate Diploma in advanced mathematics from London School of Economics. In addition, Ms. Zhuang is writing a PHD level dissertation in an interdisciplinary area that connects finance with energy economics, namely how to bring real investment decisions into energy system modelling.