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SWA Online Exhibition

Online Exhibition for Decision Makers:
Frankfurt School’s Executive Education & Development Finance e-learning portfolio

What a year! Due to the Corona pandemic we were all forced to rethink, reschedule and redesign many of our processes in record time. Our staff did a great job delivering innovative ideas and adapting to the “new normal”. For some of us, home office has become routine. With the likes of Zoom and MS Teams we can easily attend meetings and stay in touch with our colleagues. Even some conferences have switched to a digital format. But, what about professional trainings?

Many universities and training institutions have been putting lot of efforts turning their class room trainings into  digital trainings. Some with more, some with less success. Finding a suitable training, without compromising your staff’s health, that includes high quality standards, networking opportunities and accessibility is not an easy task.

We, at Frankfurt School, have been offering online trainings for the past 10 years, with an alumni network of over 10,000 members from every corner of the globe. We have been reaching the most remote areas around the world, even where the internet bandwidth is rather poor, offering the best quality standards from one of Germany’s leading business schools.

Online Exhibition

We are delighted to invite you to an online exhibition, where we will present Frankfurt School’s Executive Education & Development Finance e-learning portfolio as well as our training methodology and approach.

When: October 28, from 1-2 PM (CEST)

Where: MS Teams (we will provide you with the link after registration)

You can register for the online exhibition session here.