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Network After Work - Nigeria, Lagos

Join our Alumni Event in Nigeria, Lagos

Always wondered who was behind the milestone emails you received while doing e-learning course or who was it posting all those interesting questions on the forum? Well good news is that it was not a computer but human beings. Our Network After Work event presents you with the opportunity to meet the staff of FSDF e-Campus, virtual peers from all the e-learning courses. Read the details below and join us.

Network After Work


Thursday, April 12th, from 7:30 PM


B.L. Restaurant, Bar & Cafe

147 Younis Bashorun & Sinari Daranijo Junction.

Off Ajose Adeogun (Zentih Bank Head office rd) V.I. 

Take the first turn on your right hand after Zenith Bank Head office. Drive to the junction, B.L. is at The Corner.

What to expect?

  • Network with FSDF e-Campus alumni of the past 7 years
  • Meet Junes Arfaoui, Programme Director of e-Campus
  • Find more about Frankfurt School's development finance programs
  • Enjoy some drinks and snacks!