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Microfinance Masterclass 2023


The Microfinance Masterclass is a customised programme developed specifically for Senior Management-level staff. The course has been developed by Frankfurt School in collaboration with the Microfinance Learning & Development Centre (MLDC).

The programme consists of interactive online training and coaching sessions spread across 12 weeks as well as a one-week on-site training in Frankfurt am Main, Germany known as the Summer Academy.



Online and On-campus

Programme Start

March 2023

Course Length

6 Months



Tuition Fees

Total Price

9,300 €*

Online Sessions

4,300 €*

Summer Academy

5,000 €**

*Subject to change

**Summer Academy fee includes accommodation and catering.

Masterclass Content

The masterclass comprises the following topics and content:

Innovation and Growth Strateges for MFIs

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics: Implications for MFIs

Digital Transformation for MFIs

Strategic Risk Management and Corporate Governance Issues for MFIs

Management and Leadership Development

Sustainable Finance and Financial Inclusion

Training Material

The Master Class materials will be developed specifically for Senior Management-level staff and will include (for both the online sessions and the training in Frankfurt)  

- Digital Interactive Zoom sessions including the opportunity to use virtual break out rooms, polling functions and many more tools (only online session)

- Highest quality recordings of virtual proceedings (only online session)

- PowerPoint / PDF Presentations

- Background reading and article recommendations

- Case studies and handouts for the participants 

Training Structure

The Master Class will be divided into two parts:

- 12 weeks of virtual training and coaching with two sessions per week on the topics mentioned above

- One week of on-site training in Frankfurt as part of the Summer Academy.