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There is a big difference between a company “being online” and having a successful digital marketing strategy. Most companies that were founded before the digital age have a hard time adjusting to the fast-changing digital environment. Managers acknowledge the growing importance of digital marketing, data analytics and related topics, but might lack a clear vision of how to make “digital” work for their company without wasting a fortune in the process. This seminar is not a traditional marketing seminar. The target group includes top-level managers in business development, accounting, finance, sales, and marketing, who are concerned about the impact of digital marketing on their company. In this 1-day seminar, experienced consultant and digital marketing expert Professor Christian Schulze will help participants sort out the chaos.


  • Differences between digital marketing instruments: Display Advertising, Search Engine Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Social Influencer Marketing, Viral Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and User-Generated Content
  • Usefulness of these digital marketing instruments in reaching company goals, from brand-building to sales
  • Prioritize these instruments to build a digital marketing roadmap, suitable to take a company from simply “being online” to having a coherent, functional, and (cost-) effective digital marketing strategy
  • How to use performance measurement and optimization in digital marketing to avoid wasting money
  • Importance of customer data and analytics as a prerequisite for competing successfully in an increasingly fierce competition for the digital consumer


Prof. Dr. Christian Schulze

is Associate Professor of Marketing at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Prior to his career in academia, he was a business consultant with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Professor Schulze is an expert on digital media and electronic commerce. His research and opinions have been featured in national and international press articles, such as by The Economist,, Jyllands Postens, People's China Daily, Harvard Business Manager, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, WirtschaftsWoche Online or Manager Magazin Online.

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He is also a frequent guest on radio (Deutschlandfunk, hr, NDR, WDR) and TV programs (ARD, ZDF, SAT1, hr). Professor Schulze’s interests as a researcher lie in the areas of digital marketing, the measurement and optimization of marketing performance, and customer management.

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1 day

9 AM - 5 PM

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