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Soft skills and customer-focused approach for your personal development

In today’s service economy, professional communication represents a vital competitive advantage for businesses. Anyone working in sales is automatically involved in all aspects of marketing – and must possess the appropriate interpersonal and social skills. When interacting with third parties, sales knowledge alone is no longer sufficient to win lasting customer loyalty i.e. within investment banking, wealth management and asset management or deliver specialist information to stakeholders. And when communicating internally, managers must provide their departments, teams and individual employees with appropriate leadership, so they can discover and develop their strengths.

Our professional development courses in digital marketing, investor relations, foundations advice and career coaching provide you or your employees with the appropriate interpersonal skills for effective communication – internal and external.


Thomas Kohrs

Senior Programm Manager

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Annette Blank

Programm Managerin

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Our Experts in Marketing & Sales

  • Christian Schulze

    Associate Professor für Marketing


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