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efiport GmbH is an innovative provider of technology-supported education solutions in Germany and a subsidiary of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. We offer solutions for maximised learning efficiency to global concerns, SMEs, and educational institutions, including universities.

We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf and scalable eLearning content. We’re happy to advise you on the development and implementation of your own educational content, together with our team of media didactics, graphic and motion designers. Exactly the way you need it.

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Digitisation is disrupting educational demands. First-class specialist knowledge serves as a foundation for sustainable corporate success. Making today’s information overload manageable is a complex process. With us, you get exactly what you need, from standard content to adapted existing content to completely individual products and technologies.

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There are numerous types of media-based content that can be implemented with a wide variety of media, each with typical features and advantages. We help you choose the right learning medium and format. In doing so, we consider the didactic approach, the target group, the teaching content and the learning objectives.

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eLearning is a modern and efficient form of further education which allows you to expand your qualification offerings.

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Understanding balance sheets

Reading a balance sheet is a must not only for corporate client advisors, but also for managers. Understanding an annual financial statement for the first time is often a major challenge.

This online course introduces the essential aspects of a balance sheet step-by-step. The structure of corporate customer balance sheets is explained and characteristics typical of the finance industry are discussed. After covering the profit and loss account, notes to the financial statements and management reports, the course addresses the annual financial statement analysis. The most important key figures (investment intensity, equity and debt ratio, asset coverage, liquidity, debtor and creditor target) are presented in the context of a profitability analysis. Reference is also made to the different analysis standards HGB and IFRS.

Average learning time: 1 hour

Anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing

White-collar crime, corruption and fraud pose global challenges. Banks are the central hub for financial transactions – ultimately, illegal money is also channeled into the economic cycle through them. This online course helps to better identify money laundering and terrorist financing in everyday work.

In mid-2017, the “German Anti-Money Laundering Act “ (GwG), was enacted. It implements the Fourth EU Money Laundering Directive into German law. It significantly expands the risk-based approach, requires more information to be obtained about the beneficial owner (“owner”) of a transaction and increases fines considerably. The online course presents these and other innovations against the background of the existing regulations.

Average learning time: 2.5 hours

Data protection and data safety

In an increasingly connected world, the market value of personal data is soaring and protecting it is becoming ever more important. The EU has adopted the General Data Protection Regulation. The new Federal Data Protection Act came into effect on 25 May 2018 for all companies based in Germany.

It’s crucial to familiarise yourself and your employees with the current regulations. Our updated online training course „Data Protection + Data Security“ offers technically competent, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable training.

Inadequate data protection and the greatly increased fines outlined in the new data protection law cause material and immaterial damage. This course will strengthen your employees‘ data protection awareness for prevention.

This course contains a topic-specific lexicon. Upon successful completion of the course and final test, participants receive a confirmation of participation.

Average learning time: 2 hours

Project management

This program takes you through the following 10 steps, each of which is followed by a short self-test:

Step 1: What is a project?
Step 2: What is project management?
Step 3: Project organisation
Step 4: Teamwork
Step 5: Communication
Step 6: Project definition
Step 7: Stakeholder management
Step 8: Project planning
Step 9: Project execution
Step 10: Closing a project

Average learning time: 6.5 hours

Custom Content

Tailored content is becoming increasingly important with today’s information overload. Together, we implement exactly what you need and help you identify the learning media best suited to you.

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