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We know how to listen – and then change things for the better

All study and change management processes have a starting point and a final goal. When defining a project, we prioritise the personalised educational consulting phase that precedes every planned training initiative. During this phase, our experts use various analytical techniques to help us develop your training programmes. Perhaps you need advanced training courses for executives, specialists and professionals. Or maybe you want to develop and implement a new business and leadership model. Or perhaps you want to concentrate on futureproofing your company by designing, structuring and evaluating a state-of-the-art continuing education concept. Whatever the challenge, we can be as flexible and diverse as the projects you ask us to organise.

In-house training courses: Corporate success stories

Frankfurt School is a training partner to clients in business, management and industry, assisting them at every stage in the training process – from initial needs assessment through to final certification. Everything we offer in our range of open seminars can be packaged and delivered as tailormade in-house training programmes for companies and organisations. By focusing on each client’s specific needs and objectives, we systematically develop employees’ skills, self-confidence and motivation as they progress from one stage to the next.

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Continuing education delivered by a world-famous business school

Ensure that your skills are certified by an internationally accredited business school – either by taking advantage of our vast range of open seminars, or by asking us to arrange an in-house training course for your specialist departments. All certification courses, seminars, workshops and executive training programmes offered by Frankfurt School have been developed by specialists with in-depth experience in the relevant fields. Our CPD courses are constantly updated in line with the latest developments, so that our content is always up to date. We can develop examination regulations, marking criteria and exam questions especially for you. And we guarantee the quality assurance of the entire certification process.

Educational consultancy & needs assessment

Before embarking on any new project, we conduct a personalised educational consulting session. Our experts have access to a vast range of analytical and educational tools which we use to develop your training programmes. Typically, programmes may involve designing, structuring and evaluating an entire corporate university, or developing and implementing a new business and leadership model, or providing continuing education programmes for executives, specialists and professionals.

Administrative outsourcing: Single-source provider of support and organisation

Frankfurt School provides administrative services to clients without the relevant in-house resources or capacities. We manage employee training and development on the client’s behalf, supporting them through the whole process – from initial needs assessment through to final certification. This includes designing CPD courses in close consultation with the client, selecting trainers and educators, setting up timetables and acting as the main point of contact for participants with questions about course structure or content.

E-solutions and cutting-edge course materials

We provide the strategies, systems and service solutions you need to optimise your educational and training activities. We give you comprehensive e-solutions for delivering efficient, state-of-the-art training courses.

Combining Frankfurt School’s high-calibre classroom-style seminars with cutting-edge e-solutions devised by efiport opens up new possibilities for staff training and continuing professional development (CPD). We offer a broad range of ready-made, easily scalable electronic study materials such as online tests, web-based training courses, webinars, e-books and videos – all integrated with knowledge platforms and social media. Depending on your needs, you can select and/or combine single or multiple modules to build the course that suits you, whether as a company or a private individual.

Production of materials and media

From the first germ of an idea through to practical implementation in the classroom – we provide clients in need of training and educational materials with an end-to-end range of consulting, design and authoring services. We tailor our vast selection of freely combinable modules to your specific needs and requirements. An experienced team designs the layout and takes care of all editorial processes, including coordination with authors and final copy-editing. We also create a suitably optimised trainer’s handbook for your trainers and educators, and manage the entire document production and delivery process.