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Head Delegates 2018-2019

After learning for our life and experiencing a great time in New York last year, it is now already time to look forward to next year’s conference. As proud new heads of the FS MUN initiative, we take the achievements of the previous award-winning delegation as our motivation to guide the new delegation through the upcoming conference successfully, too. We are confident that we will be able to take our crew to even greater success this year and uphold the initiative’s high standards. At the moment, we’re preparing for the country selection process which determines the country FS will be representing next year.

During the semester, we will extend the preparatory work in order to help our delegates to perform at their best and establish FS MUN’s position in the conference. We aim to make it possible for as many excellent students as possible to participate next time in applying for a promising, fascinating country that will teach us the most valuable lessons.

The new head delegates team comes from diverse study programmes which will certainly contribute to our productivity and creativity in working together. Thus, we’re also aiming to choose a diverse delegation, with new students and their fresh, new perspectives as well as past delegates to benefit from their expertise. We are enlightened to be in this position and to share our fascination for foreign cultures, transnational work and global political issues. In this sense: Let’s carry on the spirit!

Ana Malheiro

Jorge Scagliarini

Arian Müller

Head of Media 2018-2019

Valeria German

Current Delegation

Dheera Akolkar

Julian Beck

Max Bruckner

Jeannette Dao

Xinwei Fan

Antonio Gutierrez

Polina Ilyshenko

Johannes Kirchmayr

Tobias Krayl

Anna Lange

Maximilian Liomin

Peter Neitemeier

Ekaterina Romanova

Vivien Sell

Riccardo Silvestri

Philip Stoll

Siddharth Swain

Willem van der Gang

Jutta Zeko

Oana Barabula

Annabel Brink

Junaid Chowhan

Bilguudei Enkhbaatar

Cosima Geipert

Jaipal Hellmich

Aditya Khanduri

Lena Knackstedt

Markus Kupfer

Garance Lauer

Anna Mues-Hane

Ana Pita

Christoph Schink

Sofie Sharaf

Filip Sinal

Giovanni Suryawan

He Yu (Ivy) Tang

Jessie Wang