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Solution Focused Counselling

Fear of a forthcoming exams, pressure to perform, fear of failure, social tensions … such stressful situations can lead you to feel like it is impossible to see the forest for the trees. These problems are commonplace and each of us experiences them to one extent or another. Nevertheless, you do need to find a solution on your own.

During our Solution Focused Counselling our consultant supports you in analyzing and using your strengths. We accompany you in situations which are difficult for you; we discuss your problem and develop realistic and practical solutions together with you. The counselling is bound to an oath of secrecy and is free of charge for students from Frankfurt School. 


Psychological Counselling

Sometimes you reach a point in your course of studies where the university is no longer able to help you despite its many advice services. Illnesses, whether physical or mental, can be such a situation. In case of psychological problems (for example study-related stress or burn out- situations and psychological or physical illness impacting externally on your studying (relationships, friendships, family, professional environment) Frankfurt School of Finance & Management offers as a special service to its students a free initial visit to one of three cooperation practices in Frankfurt and Offenbach. 


Students with Disabilities

The representative for handicapped students supports the interests of disabled students and students with chronical diseases at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

This is an offer for students with classical handicaps (e.g. disabilities) but also to students with special handicaps (e.g. dyslexia, AD(H)S, chronically diseases and mentally illnesses).

If you have questions or suggestions concerning your studies and your individual situation, you are welcome to ask for advice about:

  • Your individual study organization
  • Disadvantage compensation for examinations / Assessment center
  • Study breaks because of periods of longer illness
  • Other topics

This offer of advice is additional and free of charge for students at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Students of Bachelor, Master or Advanced Trainings are welcome to get in contact with us.